Writing Competitions

 We are pleased to announce the WINNERS of the nine writing competitions that are part of the Winchester Writers’ Festival. 
Many Congratulations!


If you would prefer to read the winners, the list is located at the end of all of the competitions.  Please scroll down.


1st prize:  Face-to-Face or telephone consultation about poetry publication in Guildford (transport not included), half-hour reading spot at a poetry night, held in Guildford on the first Monday of each month, and a pack of 28 Dempsey and Windle publications, including pamphlets, collections and anthologies (each pack with a value of £212)

2nd prize:  Pack of 28 Dempsey and Windle publications, including pamphlets, collections and anthologies (value of £212)

3rd prize:  Pack of 28 Dempsey and Windle publications, including pamphlets, collections and anthologies (value of £212)

Adjudicator: Joan McGavin, Poet and Lecturer
Sponsor: Dempsey and Windle Publishers

Dempsey & Windle Publishing is a small independent publishing company, based in Guildford, Surrey and run by Janice and Dónall Dempsey. In 2017-2018 we published a total of 17 books and pamphlets. We aim to support emerging poets, both young and more experienced, and we look for writers who use words and the forms of poetry to communicate with readers the experiences that excite or move them. We also host a monthly poetry reading night in Guildford, where we give poets the opportunity to launch and sell their work, as well as meet and hear other writers. www.dempseyandwindle.co.uk



1st prize: Books to the value of £60
2nd prize: Books to the value of £40
3rd prize: Books to the value of £20

Adjudicator: Simon Hall, Author
Sponsor: P&G Wells Ltd., Booksellers





1st prize:  A place at one of the Writers’ & Artists’ ‘How to Hook an Agent’ lunches (value £175). Prize must be redeemed within one year of winning.  Full details at www.writersandartists.co.uk/events
2nd prize:  A copy of either the 2018 Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook or the 2018 Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook plus two other writing advice books selected from:  www.writersandartists.co.uk/store/writersandartistscompanions
3rd prize:  A copy of the 2018 Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook or the 2018 Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

Adjudicator:  Judith Heneghan
Sponsor: Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, updated and published annually by Bloomsbury, is the perfect guide to all aspects of the media and publishing worlds. It gives invaluable advice on how to prepare a submission and which agents and publishers to approach. Essential reading for all writers of journalism, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and screen plays.

‘The writers’ bible’, Susan Hill
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1st prize: Editorial meeting with the Little Tiger to discuss the winning submission, either in their offices in London or via telephone (travel not provided)
2nd prize: Book prizes and constructive written feedback
3rd prize: Book prizes and constructive written feedback
Highly Commended:  Constructive written feedback

Adjudicators: Editorial Department, Little Tiger Press
Sponsor: Little Tiger Press Group





1st prize: Editorial meeting with Stripes Publishing to discuss the winning submission, either in their offices in London or via telephone (travel not provided)
2nd prize: Book prizes and constructive written feedback
3rd prize: Book prizes and constructive written feedback
Highly Commended:  Constructive written feedback

Adjudicators: Editorial Department, Stripes Publishing
Sponsor: Little Tiger Press Group
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1st prize: One-to-one consultation with a literary agent at Skylark Literary on story development (based on the sample and synopsis entered) of at least one hour – either in person if the winner can travel easily to London or over the phone if not – plus £75 towards travel expenses (or to be kept by the winner if they don’t need to travel).
2nd prize: One-to-one telephone consultation on sample and synopsis of 30 minutes, plus £50.
3rd prize: One-to-one telephone consultation on sample and synopsis of 20 minutes, plus £25.
Three runners-up: One or two paragraphs of written feedback on their sample and synopsis.

Sponsor and adjudicator: Skylark Literary




1st prize: Writing Magazine one-year digital subscription
2nd prize: Writing Magazine one-year digital subscription
3rd prizeWriting Magazine one-year digital subscription

Adjudicator: Claire Fuller, award-winning author of novels, short stories and flash fiction
Sponsor: Writing Magazine






1st prize: Editorial meeting with Little, Brown to discuss the winning submission, either in their offices in London or via telephone (travel not provided)
2nd prize: Books to the value of £70
3rd prize: Books to the value of £30

Adjudicator: Anna Boatman, Little, Brown Book Group
Sponsor: Little, Brown Book Group
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1st Prize: Telephone consultation with literary agents Janklow & Nesbit UK to receive a detailed editorial report on the winning entry.
2nd Prize: Book prizes
3rd Prize: Book prizes

Adjudicator: Susmita Bhattacharya, author and lecturer
Sponsor: Janklow & Nesbit UK





10   YOUNG WRITERS’ COMPETITION                                                         

Winners of the Young Writers’ Competition will be notified personally the week of 14 May.

Two Categories:  School Years 1–6 and School Years 7-11.

Each of the categories offers prizes of National Book Tokens for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, tickets to Marwell Wildlife, and a framed certificate.

Adjudicator:           Isabel Rogers, Hampshire Poet 2016/17
Sponsors:              University of Winchester, Marwell Wildlife



2018 Writing Competition Winners:

1st Place Gail Anderson Hold the Mountain
2nd Place Julie Irigaray Six War Letters
3rd Place Susan Hale My Father’s Ashes
Highly Commended Anna Brown Counting Our Dead
Highly Commended Annie Percik The Atheist’s Prayer
Highly Commended Rebecca Hamilton Baby Business
Writing Can Be Murder
1st Place Lucy Ransley How to Kill Your Mother
2nd Place Deborah Wilcox Murder
3rd Place Margaret Bromage Neisha and Kazim
Highly Commended Christina Templeton Initial Justice
Highly Commended Dai Henley All at Sea
Highly Commended Trudie Thomas Sweet Relief
1st Place Gail Anderson Boyle Heights
2nd Place Jennifer Twomey It Never Rains in Wycombe
3rd Place Carole Hastings Leaving Limbo
Highly Commended Mary Fox A Good Black Coat
Highly Commended Mary Woodward Paris
Highly Commended Christine Rose Walking with Jesus and Jane
Picture Book
1st Place Jennifer Moore Goldibox and the Three Bores
2nd Place Maxine Hewstone The Great White Shock
3rd Place Kate Abernethy Granny’s Cactus
Highly Commended Polly Owen We’ll Help You Miss
Highly Commended Alison Green Camilla and the Gorilla (and other wild beasts)
Highly Commended Fiona Barker The Book Maker and the Boy
Funny Fiction
1st Place Anne Boyere Milk Moon
2nd Place Hannah Moffatt I am the Earthling Prime Minister
3rd Place Nancy Saunders H & Ernie and the Feather-Potato House
Highly Commended Zoe Tribello I’m Frankie, Chief Reptile Whisperer!
Highly Commended Caroline Murphy Joe and the Dark Unicorn
Highly Commended Kate Poels The Pie-Rats of the High Seas
Skylark Soaring Stories
1st Place Jane Howard The Undersong
2nd Place Madeleine Woosnam Lizzie Crackitt
3rd Place Laura Medlock Vigilante
Highly Commended Claire Kerry The Thirteenth King
Highly Commended Andrea Parr Demon Eye
Highly Commended Zoe Cookson Space School
Flash Fiction
1st Place Julie Evans Reflections in a Teaspoon
2nd Place Rebecca Hamilton Enough is Enough
3rd Place Susannah Steel Parma Violets
Highly Commended Christina Wight Are You Still There
Highly Commended Julie Primon The Pool
Highly Commended Angela Freeland Wedding Anniversary Imperfect
First Three Pages of a Novel
1st Place Amy Clarke Breaching
2nd Place Rachel Sargent This Noble War
3rd Place Sharon Boyle Junk Folk
Highly Commended Susanne Haywood Kinglake
Highly Commended Clare Golding In Just One Day
Highly Commended Sarah King Girl in the Red Cheongsam
Short Stories
1st Place Donna Brown Grey Wolf
2nd Place Alison Gibson Fortune and Fate
3rd Place Carina Buckley The Almost-Widow
Highly Commended Kate Lee The Raindrop
Highly Commended Selma Carvalho To Everything There is a Season
Highly Commended Richard Gould The Kiosk


Entry Conditions:  Competition Information, Rules, and Terms and Conditions:

The closing date for all competition entries is 5:00 pm Wednesday, 11th April, 2018. Entries must be received by this date for inclusion in the competition.

COMPETITION FEES:: £6 to enter/per entry, additional £10 per entry for constructive feedback – NB Writing for Children – Picture Book, Children’s Funny Fiction, Skylark Soaring Stories, and  the Young Writers’ competitions do NOT offer feedback.  It is FREE to enter the Young Writers’ Competition.

ALL entries must be submitted electronically via the Submittable competition entry software system.  No paper or email entries will be accepted (except for the Young Writers’ Competition, which must be in paper form.)

How to enter:  To enter a competition, please click on the blue ‘ENTER A COMPETITION’ box above, which will take you to the university store payment page.
1.  Select the competition that you would like to enter.  Some, but not all, competitions offer constructive feedback for an extra charge.  Please ensure that you have read the submission and feedback details carefully before making your choice.
2.  Create an account in the university store.  Please make a note of your user name and password for future reference.
3.  If you are entering more than one competition, or are entering one submission for feedback and one without, please do separate transactions and payments.
4.  Your payment confirmation receipt will give you a weblink for your specific competition.  When you click on the weblink, it will take you to the Submittable.com competition entry system for that specific competition.
5. Create an account and password in Submittable.com and please make a note of your user name and password.  You will need this to access feedback, if you have paid for it.
6. Upload your submission.
5.  If you request and pay for feedback, you will be notified by email when it is available on Submittable.com.  Feedback will be completed by the 1st of June, 2018.
6.  Submissions may not be withdrawn and resubmitted.  If this is done, the entry will be disqualified and removed from the competition.  Once submitted, no changes may be made.

Previous Publication:  All entries must be original, previously unpublished, in English, written by one author, and not have won an award in any previous competition.  Self-published entries are acceptable.

Entry Format:  Entries must be typed, 12pt font, double-spaced (poetry single spaced), with the writer’s pseudonym and name of the competition on the bottom right-hand corner of every page.  Do not include your real name on the manuscript.

Please note that synopses can be single-spaced.

You are allowed to upload only one file per entry.  If a competition requests a synopsis, please create one file that includes the synopsis and manuscript.

Changes to Entries:  Once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be modified in any way.  Please ensure that your entry is in its final form before submitting.

Competition Entry Cancellation:  No refunds can be given for the cancellation of a competition entry.

Copyright:  Copyright of all works submitted for competitions remains with the author.

Number of Entries Allowed: Entrants may submit up to five entries for each competition, except for Picture Book, in which only one entry per person is permitted. Multiple entries to the Picture Book competition by the same person will result in all entries being disqualified.

Festival speakers may not enter the competitions.

Feedback: If you pay for feedback, you will be notified by email when your feedback is available.  Feedback will be completed by 1st of June, 2018.  You may need your Submittable.com user name and password to log in.

Judging Decisions:  The decisions of the judges are final and the judges reserve the right to withhold awards if no entry reaches an appropriate standard.

The first place winning entry of each competition will be published in The Best of 2018. Winners must send their unaltered manuscript in electronic format within 10 days following the Festival to Sara.Gangai@winchester.ac.uk. The editor reserves the right to limit the number of words and to correct manuscripts in accordance with the format, house style and quality standard of The Best of 2018.

Agreement:  By entering and paying for a competition entry, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.


If you have any questions about the above, please email sara.gangai@winchester.ac.uk or call 01962 826367.