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The Hampshire Writers’ Society
The Hampshire Writers’ Society welcomes all writers in Hampshire and reaches out to the broadest community, interacting with a unique and growing sector of aspiring writers, identifying new writers and engaging young people by encouraging an interest in writing creatively and critically.
Upcoming Meetings:
9th January, 2018: James Aitchinson – Creativity and the Historical Novel
Competition: Write a fictitious scene based on an historical event. 300 words13th
February, 2018: Steve McHugh – Creating the Series
Competition: Write a dark scene in a fantasy world. 300 word
13th March, 2018: Helen Dennis – Writing Adventures for Children
Competition: Write 300 words, for readers aged 9-12, about an incredible secret that if discovered could change the planet or the people on it.
10th April, 2018: Margaret Graham – Exploration of Structure
Competition: Write a scene in which a lost shoe is returned. 300 words
8th May, 2018: Erica James and Kate Espiner – Challenges and Rewards of Writing Bestsellers
Competition: First 300 words of a novel for women’s fiction.
12th June, 2018: Lisa Jewell – Publishing and Writing
Competition: Write a flash fiction story set in a communal garden. 300 words
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