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The Hampshire Writers’ Society
The Hampshire Writers’ Society welcomes all writers in Hampshire and reaches out to the broadest community, interacting with a unique and growing sector of aspiring writers, identifying new writers and engaging young people by encouraging an interest in writing creatively and critically.
8th January, 2019: Lucy Courtenay – Getting Started in Writing an Illustrated Children’s Book
Competition: Write ten New Year resolutions in the style of a YA character. 300 words (Deadline 21st December, 2018)13th February, 2019: Edward Docx – How to Write a Novel in 45 Mins
Competition: ‘A last letter from a parent to their child. 300 words’ adjudicator is Claire Fuller (Deadline 25th January, 2019)

12th March, 2019: Judy Waite – Creative Curiosity
Competition: Rewrite the opening of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for the social media age. 300 words (Deadline 25th February, 2019)

9th April, 2019: Neil Arksey – Going Incognito Finding An Agent
Competition: Write the outline of a plot for a TV drama. 300 words (Deadline 25th March, 2019)

14th May, 2019: Stevyn Colgan – An Englishman’s Home is his Cackle: Where has all the literary laughter gone?
Competition: Write a scene for a farcical murder mystery. 300 words (Deadline 25th April, 2019)

11th June, 2019 Simon Hall – Writing Crime, Reporting Crime
Competition: Write a journalist’s report of a crime involving an unusual criminal. 300 words (Deadline 25th May, 2019)

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